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Open postdoctoral position in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering research group (Maynooth University, Ireland) is seeking to recruit an experienced post doctoral researcher for the BeatHealth project. The project is developing a cutting edge mobile application which integrates real time data from unobtrusive, wearable state-of-the-art sensor technologies with analysis algorithms developed by project researchers to promote health and well being in users in a novel way.

The researcher will play a key role in developing and implementing real-time signal analysis and processing algorithms for the mobile platform based on existing laboratory prototype algorithms and novel developments. These algorithms must include data cleaning and interpolation treatments to compensate for issues such as noisy data, sample rate jitter, and sensor data communications losses. The researcher will also be expected to contribute to development for the Android based mobile platform and to communicate the work both within and external to the project consortium. 

Full details on the position can be found here:



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