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The BeatHealth Partners

The BeatHealth consortium is composed to include the complementary core competencies required to successfully address the challenges of the project.

University of Montpellier (UM) has internationally acknowledged experience in motor control, rhythmic human coordination and multisensory perception, in normal and pathological populations. UM1 researchers have long-standing experience in the evaluation of movement signatures of health, using multisensory psychophysics, non-linear dynamics, time-series analyses, as well as motion capture. Their recent work (PLoS ONE-2012JEP:HPP-2011) has contributed to the definition of the BeatHealth scenarios.

Ghent University (UGent) has expertise in music analysis, perception, performance studies, using advanced technologies (e.g., sensors, motion capture, interactive systems) and analysis techniques (e.g., statistical, machine learning). UGent researchers have experience with audio-based music information retrieval tools and with interactive tools that focus on synchronization and entrainment. Their focus is on music analysis in combination with empirical and computational methods. Their recent work on synchronized walking with music has strongly contributed to the idea that music has a motivating power in health applications, cf. the concept of interactive music-movement synchronization (D-Jogger).

National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM) has expertise in neuro-rehabilitation engineering with an emphasis on technologies which enable translation from the laboratory to home settings.  The Biomedical Engineering Research Group has developed novel fusion sensor technologies for physiological monitoring, non contact methods for hemodynamic assessments and feature processing techniques for enhancing information extraction for ambulatory monitoring during cognition. Recent efforts pertinent to this work relate to the development of novel methods for sensor and artefact processing for connected health applications especially suitable during gait and activities of daily living.

FundaciĆ³n TECNALIA Research & Innovation (TECNALIA) has a wide experience in eHealth and its applications especially for elderly and disabled users, e.g. implementation of web services, also for mobile devices and rehabilitation platforms that are used by patients, therapists and doctors. Furthermore, TECNALIA designed several user-interfaces based on user-centred design approach and user involvement in the evaluation of technologies and research results. Since TECNALIA has expertise in the rehabilitation of stroke and Parkinson patients, there will be a common language and understanding with the other partners of the BeatHealth consortium.

CHRU (Neurological and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation departments) has a strong expertise in the management of patients with Parkinson's disease. With a wide active file of patients, it will provide an easy recruitment of patients with gait disorder for the clinical parts of the project. Moreover, the large familiarity with clinical trials conducted in collaboration with the Research Department will allow a good course of the studies. Finally, thanks to its wide network of collaborators involved in parkinsonian patients.

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