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Historical website of the EuroMov research center from 2012 to 2020.

The website of the current EuroMov Digital Health in Motion joint research unit is available at .

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LabEx NUMEV proudly invites Marc Enrst to EuroMov seminar

LabEx NUMEV proudly invites Marc Enrst to EuroMov seminar

Title: Putting together the Puzzle of Multisensory Perception: From Illusions to Applications Abstract: We use all our senses to construct a reliable and robust percept representing the world with which we interact. The view we take in my research group is that in...

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Welcome to EuroStim, the new R&D jewel at EuroMov

Welcome to EuroStim, the new R&D jewel at EuroMov

EuroStim is a newly -2018- created private research and development laboratory specialized in the study of the impact of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on human physiology, movement, and the central nervous system. It benefits from the expertise for 15...

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